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Publication Promoting Caribbean Foods as Excellent Products Launched

by | Apr 21, 2017 | News | 0 comments

Publication promoting Caribbean foods as Excellent Products of Exceptional Quality underpinned by Sound Science Launched by Dr. Andre Gordon

Thursday, April 20, 2017 was of particularly great importance to the Caribbean Food Industry, as Dr. Andre Gordon, Managing Director of Technological Solutions Limited launched his second book in a three-part series entitled, “Food Safety& Quality Systems in Developing Countries: Volume II: Case Studies of Effective Implementation”.   This publication highlights strategies implemented  by some firms to address critical food safety  issues, primarily through the use of case studies.

Speaking at the event, Guest Speaker, former Prime Minister P. J. Patterson, commended Dr. Gordon on the work he and TSL has been doing to build Jamaica and the region’s food industry to make our firms compliant with international standards and our products acceptable in major export markets such as the USA, the EU and Canada.  The former Prime Minister commented on the ground-breaking work Dr. Gordon has been doing in the industry and helping to establish Caribbean brands internationally as safe, high quality foods.

A synopsis of the publication was given by Chairman of the Standards Council of the Bureau of Standards  Jamaica Mr. James Rawle.  In his review, Mr. Rawle noted that the book, which draws on years of real-life interventions in a range of industries, was structured to present a platform through which Jamaican and Caribbean foods, including some of our iconic products could be promoted globally and presented as excellent products of exceptional quality, and whose production is backed by sound science.  He noted that the fundamental theme of the book is that Caribbean traditional foods, such as Jerk seasoning, canned ackees and our beverages, are fast becoming mainstream products in developed markets and are no longer confined to limited quantities in ethnic shops, but are increasingly found in large multiples.  He noted that the book was well structured, as complex concepts were fully explained complemented with some 300 references and several illustrations in the form of diagrams, charts and summary tables which provide clarity, thus making it easy to read and understand.

To purchase your copy of Food Safety& Quality Systems in Developing Countries: Volume II: Case Studies of Effective Implementation”  you may contact do so from this website or contact us at Technological Solutions Limited by telephone at – 632-3245 or 632-3217.

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