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Food Safety and Quality Systems in Developing Countries: Volume III: Technical and Market Considerations is a practical resource for companies seeking to supply food products from developing countries to developed country markets or to transnational business located in developing countries. It explores practical approaches to complying with food safety and quality systems requirements, backed by the science-based approaches used in the major markets applied in a developing country context. It explores the topic from the perspective of agribusiness value chains and includes deconstructions of regulatory and market channel-specific technical requirements in North America, Europe, and other major markets. Volume III builds on the platforms laid by the previous two volumes, providing guidance from industry-leading experts on addressing regulatory and market-specific microbiological, chemical, packaging and labelling, supply chain, and systems-related food safety and quality compliance requirements.

This book addresses technical and market-determined standards that value chain participants in developing countries face supplying developed country markets or transnational firms, including hotels, major multiples, and quick-serve restaurant brands.

Key Features
Provides detailed, scientific, and technical information to assist food safety and marketing professionals operating in the global market
Helps farmers, processors, exporters, food scientists and technologists, regulators, students, and other stakeholders in the global food industry understand and apply tailored technical and scientific information to their food industry sector
Uses specific real-world examples of systems implementation, supported by case studies and the required scientific and marketing inputs in a range of product categories including fruits and vegetables, sauces and spices, beverages, produce staples, dairy products, seafood, and others

Readership                                                                                                                                                                                          Food safety practitioners and regulators around the world including trade practitioners, international trade lawyers, and buyers interested in imports from developing countries; consultants, researchers, and students interested in food export trading house businesses

Table of Contents
Technical Considerations for the Implementation of Food Safety and Quality Systems in Developing Countries
2. Addressing Trade and Market Access Issues based on Food Safety Strategies
3. Food Safety and Quality Systems Implementation along Value Chains
4. Supplier Quality Assurance Systems: Important Market Considerations
5. Microbiological Considerations in Food Safety and Quality Systems Implementation
6. The Role and Importance of Packaging and Labelling in Assuring Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Compliance of Export Products I: Packaging Basics
7. The Role and Importance of Packaging and Labelling in Assuring Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance of Export Products II: Packaging & Labelling Considerations
8. Food Safety and Quality Considerations for Cassava, a Major Staple Containing a Natural Toxicant
9. Market & Technical Considerations for Spices: Nutmeg & Mace Case Study

About the Editor
André Gordon
Dr. André Gordon is the Managing Director of Technological Solutions Limited, a Caribbean-based food science and technology service provider. He is widely recognized as a leading expert in food safety and quality systems training, auditing, and implementation, and has consulted widely for clients including the Centre for Development of Enterprise, COLEACP, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others. Dr. Gordon possesses over 30 years of experience in the provision of solution-oriented technical assistance to the agribusiness sector in the Caribbean, North and Central America, Western and Southern Africa, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. He is an International HACCP Alliance, 21 CFR 117 (PC Rules) and Better Process Control School Lead Trainer and a recognized Processing Authority.

Affiliations and Expertise
Managing Director, Technological Solutions Limited, Jamaica

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Published: 16th April 2020
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